Menu of Tools

We’ve created a menu of just about every resource you could need to plan healthy, great-tasting, cost-effective meals that meet USDA nutrition guidelines. If the resource you need is not provided below, please call CHG Foodservice Marketing: 800-531-7912. We’ll be glad to help.

Schools Program Brochure

Provides an overview of whole grain products to support school accounts.


Tools by CHG for Schools
Pocket Folder

A convenient pocket folder with pertinent school segment information to store all of your tools for schools collateral.


Quick Product Reference Guide

The product guide offers a quick-reference listing of all our products for the K-12 school segment. It’s a handy tool when building a school meal menu, planning the budget or placing an order.


Menu Planner for Grades K-12

Planning school meals doesn’t need to feel like homework. This Menu Planner for Grades K-12 helps you for breakfast and lunch.


Grades K-12 Recipes and
Meal Plan

A recipe book and meal plan for Grades K-12 for breakfast and lunch menus.


Whole Grain Dry Mixes

Nutrition information for our whole grain dry mixes.


Whole Grain Frozen Products

Nutrition information for our whole grain frozen products.


Low-Sodium Gravy Mixes

Nutrition information for our low-sodium gravy mixes.


Grades K-12 Nutrition &
Bid Specs

Everything a school dietitian needs to know to specify our relevant products.


Nutrition Standards in the
School Breakfast Program and
National School Lunch Program

A helpful reference guide.


Whole Grain Biscuit
Comparison Sheet

A sell sheet that compares the product specs and nutritionals of the Conestoga® Simple Split® Whole Grain Biscuit and Conestoga® Simple Split® Classic Whole Grain Biscuit.


New USDA guidelines require more whole grains, less sodium and more fruit. To see how we can help you meet those requirements with kid-pleasing menu choices, give us a call: 800-531-7912.